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Does anyone read this anymore?

Posted on 2014.02.05 at 22:25
Just curious.

Theta is released on Amazon! ^.^;;

Posted on 2013.08.13 at 23:23

(or the UK version:


Theta is done!

Posted on 2012.10.08 at 17:41
After a fair bit of time and effort, I've finished the story I was working on.


Theta is done! I posted the last chapter and the epilogue last night.

Now to edit it and polish it up as a whole. ^.^



Posted on 2012.07.10 at 20:51
I'm in Florida, visiting my parents with the fox. It's a sort-of vacation.

Flew out last Wednesday morning (the 4th) on Southwest.. arrived there that evening. Thursday, I went down to ECP to get checked out in a Cessna 210. Turned out to be quite a nice airplane, and a joy to fly. There was some uncertainty about whether I was going to actually be able to get the checkout done, whether the weather would hold, and such ... but on Friday morning, I slipped out of an area of convective activity and made my way to central Florida, with the parents, the otherfox, and bags.


Then, after reuning with family and dibbun, I woke up the next day and we headed down to Marathon, in the Florida Keys. (My second home) I had to climb up to 12,500'and detour around a bunch of towering cumulus and a few biiig CBs. Woof.


After a wonderful two days in the keys, in a big black Suburban, we went back to Marathon. There were thunderstorms all over the place, including right over the top of the airport. I waited for a bit and found a hole, then loaded everyone in. Unfortunately, I then noticed a web of sticky green stickiness under the left wing. After looking for a while, I unloaded everyone and sent them back across the ramp to the FBO. Called and talked to the owner, then found a mechanic. Took the plane over there, and he said "Yep, fuel tank's going. Can't do anything for you except order a part, but you should be ok to fly."

So I did a quick final weather check and launched off to see how the weather would behave. After circling the Marathon airport for a good while to gain altitude, I launched on across to south Florida. Almost immediately I was circumnavigating thunderstorms and TCUs, but it was a beautiful flight anyway. About an hour in, I started seeing clusters of storms developing, so I called up Flight watch. After a ten minute conversation and briefing, I slid over around a cluster and decided to divert to Punta Gorda.

Waited a bit for the weather to clear ... surly FBO, no crew car, no computer, no internet, no -nothin-. And darnit, wouldn't you know when I finally found a break in the line and loaded back up, the airplane wouldn't start. Rrgh. Mechanic came out, but had already gone home for the day and didn't want to do anything but hook up a cart.

So we got a nice hotel, blew way too much on a prix fixe dinner at http://www.theperfectcaper.com/ and went to bed. Woke up at 0645 to go down to the airport and give the mechanic the owner's info and such, then came back to the hotel. We all went out for breakfast... got a call at breakfast that the airplane was working, and we all headed back, loaded up, returned the rental car and took off into the gloom.

Climbing to 10,500' over Tampa, I tried a few different courses before I decided to head to the coastline, which was away from the cells' motion and had clear radar returns before flight. Well, once again I found myself needing to climb up to 12.5, and pushed out towards the coast. Once I was out from overtop TPA's class B, I called back up to Flight watch and had another ten minute conversation. This briefer was awesome, gave me really good information about echo returns, lines and their motions, and where I could squeak through.
I had pretty good visibility, so I turned in a pirep and worked my way up the coast, then scooted back into ECP.

Then we all went down to the creek and I swimmed. ^.^



9.1 hours, plus 1.8 hours for the checkout puts me at eleven hours of C-210 time. Eleven -wonderful- hours, I might add. That airplane is a helluva traveler, and I enjoyed every minute of it.



Theta XII and XIV

Posted on 2012.06.10 at 16:19
Theta chapters XII and XIV are posted:

If you do find time to read them, I would appreciate your thoughts.


Theta XII: Spoils

Posted on 2012.04.09 at 10:42
Chapter twelve of my 'Theta' story is posted:

... if you haven't started reading yet, the first chapter is available here:


Semi-regular pimping.

Posted on 2012.03.22 at 23:58
Current Mood: accomplished
If you haven't read yet:
(Non-sofurry link: http://furrag.com/viewstory.php?sid=1431)

... and yes, I know I push it often, but the feedback I've received, while good, has been somewhat limited. I know that most people don't read... that most people who DO read don't read non-pr0n... and that most people who do read non-pr0n don't generally stoop to reading 'furry stories', and those who do, for some reason, seem to have a standing dislike of science-fiction; I further recognize that all my pimping is focused on a fairly narrow base--my friends--and trying to extract more readers is like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.

But I've gotta try. ^.^

So if you get a chance, give it a read. If you don't like it, take the time to toss a critique my way; if you do like it, take the time to recommend it to a friend or two. ~.^ Much though writing may be a solitary thing, and much though I may enjoy it greatly, encouragement, advice and interest does help. Writing a story that nobody will read is a lonely pursuit indeed.



Posted on 2012.01.21 at 22:26
Current Mood: depressed
I am not a happy fox.

TL DR: Lots of generic, stream-of-consciousness whining follows.

The hardest part for me is feeling that nobody really cares enough to want to cheer me up -- especially when I see the lengths people go through to do it for other people. There will always be haves and have-nots, I suppose, in everything from money to friendship to emotional support. Despite all the people I know, nobody ever seems to notice or care when I'm down.

I feel quite lonely and isolated much of the time. I think a part of the problem is that I'm a defective attention whore: I love and crave attention, but choose to absolutely never demand it.
Instead, I've always felt that I should simply live an awesome life, have fun, and make myself into something that others will find inherently interesting in the process. It hasn't worked; I feel as though I have yet to find any talents at anything notable except what I do for work ... and sysadmins tend to prefer -not- getting attention, professionally. :P

Despite both my parents being musicians and both sides of my family being musical, and investing countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars into music, I've failed badly there. A self-styled "DJ" playing virtual records on a pair of iPods garners (and merits) more interest. Despite my dad being quite an excellent visual artist, I've failed miserably at the visual arts. Both sides of this have the same presentation -- what I see or hear in my head I cannot translate to reality.

My writing, in which I've had slightly more success, is all I've achieved that's less than a complete failure ... but even then, my readership has gradually dropped to nothing ... I think I have perhaps 150 active readers who are waiting for my next chapter.

To put it simply, I've reached the point where I need the emotional 'high' of people being interested in me, concerned about me, excited about my creative work, and worried for my emotional well-being... and I've hit a vacuum. My personal life is increasingly rocky, as someone I care about has found someone else with whom they prefer to spend their time ... someone who gets all of their good feelings and energy. I've rocked myself well and truly into debt with my truck purchase, and the purchase of an airplane kit and tools ... mostly in a hope that I could snap out of my funk ... but it's all completely hopeless, as near as I can tell. My job is completely unfulfilling at this point, as I'm mainly just keeping the lights on over at Palm.

I may be nearing time for a change... some upheaval in my life that turns things on their end and sets me on a new course. Unfortunately, it MUST be aviation. I've come too far and given up on far too much in life for it...

... but honestly, what I really need is something that I feel is mostly absent in my life... love, friendship, affection, genuine concern ... and I don't foresee that changing.

I wish I could be happy again... not as happy as I was with Grimalkin / Tsakali, of course, but at least a little happy. I'm inherently a happy fox, and this long and deepening funk is starting to wear on me heavily.

PS. If anyone actually read all that -- my apologies for blathering... I don't think I've done this in recent memory ... and we all get once or twice, no?

Theta IX: Fugit

Posted on 2011.11.30 at 13:44
... is done and posted. If you haven't had a chance to look, 'Theta' is a story I've been working on for a while now.

It can be found here:



Posted on 2011.11.16 at 16:53
I leave in under twelve hours, and I haven't even begun to think about preparing yet.  

I are stupid fox. 

Look forward to getting there, though!  Should be at the hotel sometime tomorrow afternoon.

See you soon! 


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